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Online Shopping

Yumtrade Singapore online shopping store is an online shop that provides a wide range of Grocery, Personal, Beauty & Health products catering to different customers’ needs. It is an online shop and a wholesale store giving good discount schemes, best delivery service and good customer service to household and office Island wide in Singapore. Browse our online shop and choose products from a variety of items like dish cleaning, household cleaners, clothes, condoms, cosmetics, make up, Beauty, hair care, hair devices & equipments, health devices & equipments, bath & body, nail care, vitamins & supplements, tea, body enhancers, herbal products and all other brands of products. Yumtrade Online e-shop welcomes you warmly to browse our online stores. Shoppers can browse through our online promotion items and enjoy the discount shopping at our online store just like shopping in a supermarket. Experience a convenient online order system and online shopping cart. You can plan and order your products 24 hours a day! We build reliable online shopping, providing privacy and security to online shoppers. Shoppers who want to buy online can be assured of sound ecommerce practices, greater privacy protection and peace of mind while performing online transactions with more than 300 categories of products. Yumtrade Online e-shop is committed to deliver your favorite brands of products by our delivery expert to you by the next working day. Hope you will have an enjoyable shopping trip. Come and shop online with us.

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>We are back by Popular Demand.

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>New Blog Site Design

>It’s been something long in our pipeline over the past couple of months, and now we are able to look more into it after experiencing the benefits that having an official blog site can bring to our website.

But nothing is confirmed & concrete on paper yet, so we will not reveal any information about what our future plans will be. But once we have finalized the details, and what we plan to do, we will slowly inform our readers more about it.

What we do have in mind is to create a design that is simple, yet elegant, that will bring out the theme of our business, and online marketing style.

>Today marks the new beginning for us, as we are finally going full steam ahead, to look at how we can improve our marketing strategy to attract more potential, and quality suppliers, and at the very same time, provide better quality products and online services to our online consumers.

Putting ourselves on Facebook, Twitter,, and even YouTube is not the only thing that guarantees that we will mastered the online social media platform. We are still new, and we have many areas for improvement. One thing we are clear is that online social media marketing is the way to go. But we will need to stay focused, we need to know what we need to do, and who we are targeting, how are we going to capture their attention, get them to come & buy online from us, and also to get them to keep coming back, and also to get them to tell others about us.

Currently, one of the most important things we are looking into is how we can improve our current YumTrade online shopping website, so that is can provide a better user experience for our online consumers. By providing a good user experience, we believe that our consumers will be able to enjoy a fun & fruitful time browsing our website.

All Hail to Online Social Media Marketing!

>Exploration & Experimentation

>Adobe Flex 3 SDK.

That is something new that we are experimenting with right now. Though we have not explored all the possibilities and strengths of what the Flex SDK can do, but so far, things are looking positive. Though, we really suspect that we might need to do some what some level of customization to the “look-n-feel” of the UI, then it should look pretty nice & neat.

Our main goal is to make sure that our consumers can find what they want, and get what they want in short 3 simple steps:

  1. Browsing and/or searching for Products.
  2. Add to Cart.
  3. Check Out.
The objective is to keep it simple. We think that its really easy for designers & developers to get distracted & sidetrack their focus on what is important to what is optional. In our case, having a graphically intensive UI is not really what we need. Our website’s main content & focus is on the products.

Nonetheless, it still takes creativity & good business acumen to design a UI that provides a very good flow to the user’s web experience.

>Goals of Our Website

>Much has been in the pipeline & discussion on how we can improve our website, and how we can leverage on the online social media to draw more people to know about us. And lately, we have began to notice some minor results. Well, it definitely hasn’t reached what we have targeted, and it will still require more time. However, having results is a really good sign that we are heading on the right path.

Now that we have gotten “eyeballs” to see what we are doing and what we offer, the next step is to think more deeply about how we intend to market the products we have on our website, and to do it in a more VISUALLY CAPTIVATING manner. There has to be a way to capture the attention of our potential customers, as well as suppliers. Questions we need to answer includes:

  1. Who are these people that we are targeting?
  2. What kind of needs do these people have that we can fulfill?
  3. Why should they buy from our online shopping cart when there are already so many shopping carts out there like & EBay?
  4. What can we offer that or can’t offer?
One thing we are confident of, is that though we might not be as successful as or on the global market, but YumTrade definitely has the Singapore Online Shopping market. And we intend to keep things that way for as long as possible!
However, we do not wish to remain there as well, we want to continue seeking better ways, more cost effective ways to bring better products to our target audiences. We do not need to be the best online shopping website in Singapore selling everything. But we certainly can be the best, and we are the best in the area of selling beauty, health, and personal care products & supplements online.
And now its time to improve!
YumTrade is the #1 beauty care, health care and personal care online shopping website in Singapore.